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Simple Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Device
Operating Principle & Flow Dynamics Simulation

The following animation demonstrates a simplified simulation of the kinematics involved in a Morisson wave when encountering an off-shore OWC (Oscillating Water Column) device acting as a "terminator". The incident wave successively builds up crests and troughs in front of the OWC entrance wall, forcing the Oscillating Water Column contained in the interim chamber to follow in close sequence and amplitude. The entrapped air is consequently compressed to a value slightly above atmospheric pressure during crest formation and decompressed to a value slightly bellow atmospheric during the trough formation. By appropriately arranging two sets of non-return (check valves) valves, the air flow produced may be diverted as to follow the same directional path, driving a unidirectional air turbine, which in turn provides mechanical energy for electricity production, etc.

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